Wednesday, February 15, 2006

my week, so far

It's been a fairly uneventful but slightly interesting week.

Good things:
1)My friend Erica (from Flagstaff, but not the Erica in Argentina:) came to visit this weekend, and we had a great time going out dancing, eating, and thrift store shopping.
2)I have now played every piece on my recital program with a piano player, for better or worse.
3)Anna and I are meeting this cool-sounding queer couple for the first time tonight that I originally met on friendster/myspace. That's my first time meeting somebody solely through electronic means, and I think it'll be fun.
4)I was on a train this morning, and the woman next to me was reading the bible in spanish while the man across from her was reading Atlas Shrugged. It just seemed like a nice diverse moment.
5)I've been experimenting with cooking a little bit lately, and nothing has sucked so far.
6)Due to my last post, a friend of mine called me at 6:30 this morning to talk. Luckily, the phone was on silent, because this is a day where I didn't have to get up until 7, but I still appreciated the gesture ;-)

Bad things:
1)I can't take the "music and the visual arts" class that I was looking forward to for next semester. It meets during orchestra. Nor do any gender studies classes particularly catch my eye. I might end up in "music and film" if I end up in anything. Not how I was wanting to end (this part) of my academic career.
2)Somebody I know slightly was killed in a car accident last night. It's sad, even if I didn't know him well.
3)I have rehearsal at 8 am on Monday morning! Eep!
4)It got cold again. Damn winter.
5)I have to go all the way downtown tomorrow to pick up a piece of music. I asked them to mail it, but they told me they only do that in "special circumstances." Apparently having a recital in a week and no other reason whatsoever to spend the extra hour or so to go downtown doesn't count.
I think that's it.

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PocaCosa said...

That other Erica wouldn't be Erica Hanson, would it?? If it was, could you email me her email address? Thanks. :)