Wednesday, February 15, 2006

i'll take what i can get

Also, since I can't find my camera cord still, check out this picture from my friend Monica in China. I think she said it's called Tiger Leaping Gorge.


Feet Animal said...

wow, this is beautiful!

ammie said...

I know! It makes me so jealous to see things like that. But I'm glad they exist.

PocaCosa said...

'Jealous' my foot! This was totally the hardest hike of my life! Yes, the view of the snow-topped mountains from the open-air squat toilet was a pretty nice toilet-view, but my body has never ached worse and I've never been so irritated at good friends (because they were way better hikers than me). It tires me just to remember it... Thanksgiving weekend 2001!

But wow, the memories of Tiger Leaping Gorge.... thanks for bringing them back! Seriously, it's a nice picture. I'm just being grumpy. This reminds me that I should digitize my own pictures from back-in-the-day.