Monday, February 27, 2006

the aftermath

My graduate recital is done, finally finally finally. I was starting to think that if I had to spend another day with those same pieces I was going to go crazy. It went really well, except my teacher forgot to come (presumably, anyway, since he has a terrible memory and wasn't there) and I feel kind of disappointed by that. But actually, a lot of friends and such came and it was really nice for me to realize that I actually do have people here who care that I exist (other than Anna, of course :-).
In other news, bell hooks is coming to my campus on Wednesday!!!!!!!! Holy shit, I'm so there. I'm shocked that I didn't hear about it until Saturday, that seems like such big news, doesn't it?


Feet Animal said...

You did really really amazing Saturday night! Congrats on being done! It was truly beautiful!

erica said...

awesome ammie! way to go!