Saturday, February 04, 2006

bar math

We went out, Anna and Sarah and I, to the Heartland Cafe last night to meet some of Anna's work buddies. It was good times, as far as I could tell :-) I hadn't eaten dinner so my three drinks pretty much kicked my ass right out of commission, but it was one of those nights where there are so many people talking about so many different things all around you that you're bound to catch some funny bit of something if you just keep turning your head. The bartender didn't card anybody, as far as I could tell, and also grossly undercharged me for my drinks. I should have tipped him better, and would have if I had realized exactly how much smaller my bill was than it should have been. Just because I can, here's my rough estimation: Stella Artois ($4.50)+ Red Velvet (Guinness and Framboise, something I'd been wanting to try there forever)($7)+ Amaretto Straight Sour (Amaretto and oj, apparently, bought for Sarah) ($?)+ Jack and coke (for Anna)($?)+ Berghoff beer ($2)=$16. That definitely seem to make the question marks seem to equal $1.25 each. Even if he left off the jack and coke, as I think he told me he did, that still makes the amaretto thing cost only about $2.50. Anyway, whatever.
Anna has finally caved into the blogging craze after dishing out criticism for years, so you should all click on her link above and read some of her entries :-)

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Anonymous said...

i object to the phrase "dishing out criticism for years." Did I not always read your blogs, even though I personally chose not to get involved? Hmm?!
p.s. thanks for the link!