Friday, February 10, 2006


One of the worst things about getting up at 5 is that there is nobody I can conceivably talk to for several hours after Anna leaves. All I can do is sit around writing emails that won't be read for hours, listening to the same Tegan and Sara record over and over again, drinking too much coffee and checking AIM every once in a while to see if some other poor soul has woken up before 7. I think in the spring/summer I will probably go on walks or bike rides and it will be lovely, but for now it's just becoming dead time, at least on some days.


Lauren E-C said...

why are you getting up at 5 am?

ammie said...

A lot of the time, Anna has to leave by about 6:20 to get to work on time. I get up with her when I can, especially when I know I'm going to be gone when she gets home from work at 6:45. Sometimes, the only times we see each other are the morning coffee session and right before we fall asleep at night :-(