Thursday, February 23, 2006

the home stretch

Well, my recital is in about three days, on Saturday night. It seems useless to speculate at this point whether or not I will be sick; I'm sick now, at least a little bit, so presumably I'll still be sick then. Luckily it's toned itself down, and now I mostly just have a cough. Not ideal, but better than plugged ears and sniffling. I have a student who's a medical student, and she was quizzing me about my ailment on Tuesday. She informed me that it takes nine days (!) for your body to mount an effective defense on a disease. According to my calculations, I should recover just before my recital starts, then :-)
I'm looking forward so much to this being over. I feel like I've actually been dealing with the stress a lot better than I normally deal with stress, although I did get absurdly overly angry at somebody yesterday for stealing some stands I set up and I think that might be a little connected. Mostly, I'm just focusing on the spots that could still be better and that I think I still have the ability to make better in my music. I mean, there are things that just aren't going to be there, so I'm trying to figure out ways to make them not as badly wrong.
Non-recital news... The lake has been freezing over. I can see it from my practice room window, I keep an eye on it from day to day. I love it, it's like an ocean, all moody and such. Anyway, when it's starting to freeze it gets this skim of ice on the top, but waves keep coming along and breaking it up. The chunks of thin ice throw the sun back in my eyes, and these little sparkling waves just keep coming in and disturbing all the birds resting on the water. There have been a lot of geese lately, which I wonder about. I mean, I don't know much about migratory patterns, but don't geese fly south for the winter? And isn't winter well under way? I wonder if the geese I see are late or early, or if the pattern is just much more complex than I thought (the latter is probably the case).
I also saw what is perhaps my current favorite lesbian movie, tying or perhaps edging out "High Art". It's called "D.E.B.S.", and it's about these young women who have been chosen by a special test hidden within the SAT to become elite undercover spies. They wear these ridiculously short plaid skirts and little ties everywhere, and it's so campy and funny! Most lesbian movies are either terribly depressing or just plain terrible, so it was incredibly refreshing to see one with a sense of humor. I guess I can't really compare it to "High Art", it's just such a different movie. Anyway...
Okay, so that was a long post. Adios! I'll probably write again before the recital, in an effort to kill time and impatience.

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