Thursday, January 12, 2006

moving on...

Well, my obsession has transferred from the aformentioned Dar Williams song to a whole new group: Tegan and Sara. They're queer Canadian twin sisters, and I've been hearing about them for awhile but had never actually heard them until a few days ago. We have two cds, "So Jealous" and "The Business of Art," and they sound completely different. It's weird, it's like two different bands. But anyway, they have both grown on me quite a bit. I spent some much-needed downtime last night reading bios and things online, and they're really funny and weird. On their official website right now, they appear to have written each other's bios, and on a fansite there were a bunch of old bios as well. Here is my favorite quote from that, referring to their producers for one of their albums:
""John and Dave did everything," admits Sara. "That's actually them singing on the album. We sped up their voices to sound more feminine. Tegan and I just did a lot of blow and hung out with hookers in the lounge.""
I also read an interview where they got into a fight in the middle and exchanged profanities because one accused the other of issuing a fake snore in the middle of her explanation of something. Cute.
Other than that, I've just been crazy busy this week. Today is the third day where I'll be gone from about 8 until about 11 tonight. Tuesday actually ran longer, 7-11, but I have to play for about one more hour today so it evens out. Today I will almost certainly play for 10 hours. Damn. I just hope I can hold through. I've been having a little bit of a problem with my right elbow, so I took last night off and plan to take it very easy tomorrow. I can't afford to have an injury right now, or ever. I've been lucky about that my whole life until now, and I just want to make it through these last few months.

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Anonymous said...

haha...the hookers and blow line is still funny...Lauren is burning me the last cd so the embers of your obsession will be fanned again shortly (what's with the fire metaphors?)
your eternal flame,