Friday, January 20, 2006

food and other good things

Despite the somewhat down note of my last post, the last two or three days have been a lot better. My heavy work is done for the week (only one rehearsal for each of the next three days! Amazing!), and I once again survived several 12-or-more hour days. Last night I cooked something from my brand-spanking-new Chicago Diner cookbook, and it was really really good. It was Moussaka, which is two layers of breaded baked eggplant with a filling of tempeh, tomato, mushroom (it was supposed to be onion, but i don't like onions and i had mushrooms), garlic, and cinnamon, covered by a lot of bechamel sauce (flour, soy milk, salt, pepper, and nutmeg) and baked for about 35 minutes. Delicious! Then this morning, Anna and I got up early to eat at the Heartland Cafe, a neighborhood veggie-friendly restaurant/infocenter/bar/shop with nifty things and books. I had a really good tofu scramble. Now I'm going to school but only for a few hours, and tonight we're going to a photography exhibit of photos by one of the Chicago Kings. It sounds really awesome, and I've seen some of her photography before and liked it, so it's all good. So yay for good moods! Probably next week I'll be blah again, but for now I'm happy.

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