Wednesday, November 16, 2005

old man winter

Wow, that last post sure seemed to spark some conversation. I may have to think some more about that and incorporate it into a cookbook zine or something. If I ever have time...
It snowed today for the first time, which was kind of surprising because it was also the first seriously cold day. I'm trying to ration out my warm clothes and not go directly to the down jacket and windproof hat and hardcore scarf and gloves and all, so today warranted a denim jacket underneath with my Tucson "coat" over the top, slightly heavier gloves and hat and a scarf that was not there mostly for decorative purposes. I wonder if other people do the gradual move to heavy winter stuff or if they just go from warm to cool to cold? Anyway, today I played for an amazing 10 hours, so now I'm sitting here with my shoulders covered in Icyhot and drinking wine and relaxing. I'm so glad I made it through today.

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