Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I finished a pair of concerts this weekend, and am fully prepared for Thanksgiving break to begin. Yay for having a few days off of my ridiculous school, which never does that! I swear, the only day we get off is Memorial Day. The most funny and sad example of their desire to make us go to school as much as possible is Martin Luther King Day, where we get a whopping three hours off in the middle of the day (11-2), probably to fulfill some sort of state requirement.
Anyway, yesterday as I was walking to school, I realized that the campus sounded like one of those fake tapes of jungle noises that people sometimes use to fall asleep. There were so many birdcalls ringing out, it was overwhelming. I looked up, and there seemed to be hundred of birds perched in and flying around the trees of the foresty area I was walking through. My conjecture: they were migrating through? I don't know. But for whatever reason, we had been taken over. It made me really happy.

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