Wednesday, November 09, 2005

and finally...

And here's the Yellowstone pictures.

A waterfall that I can't remember the name of. This was by far the easiest "hike" we took pretty much anywhere this summer, taking about 10 minutes total (there and back) but the path was covered in loose pebbles so I fell and landed on a prickly plant and was picking stickers out of my hand for weeks.

As we were leaving our campsite, there was this huge backup of cars, and we were like "What the fuck?" until we both saw these cute little black bears eating right by the road with a bored-looking ranger standing next to them. Very different from Denali, where wildlife causes everybody to stop and shut the hell up. At Yellowstone, you just drive on by and take a picture.

Case in point. There are signs everywhere saying "buffalo are dangerous!" but when we actually saw all these buffalo crossing a river next to the road, everybody was out of their cars taking pictures. One little asian man almost got ran over by a buffalo, but they spooked each other and went opposite directions.

The "Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone" taken from Inspiration Point (which would have been more inspiring without 30 screaming mothers and children on it). The Yellowstone River is the longest undam(n)ed river in the lower 48.

Lower Falls, a really large waterfall that we went on a lovely secluded hike to see.

And of course, Old Faithful; we waited an hour to see it, but it was really fucking cool when it finally went. The little girl next to us kept asking her dad "Will it be cool?" and after it went off she kept squealing "Wow!!!!!!" Very cute.

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