Monday, September 29, 2008

trying new things

I'm aware that I've been posting perhaps excessively lately, and also that hardly anybody is reading this. (To those few: hi!) Ever since I moved into my own place, this blog has become much more important to me because it gives me a feeling that, even if I'm by myself, I'm still making a dent somewhere and putting something out to connect me to other people. Who's on the other side of that connection is less important than that the connection (or the potential of connection) exists at all. Maybe eventually I'll slow down, but for now this is a kind of mental health outlet.
That said, you may have noticed I've been cooking a LOT lately. I've been trying at least one new recipe most weeks, and many more on occasion. For instance, in the last week or two I've made these new recipes: Zucchini-Feta casserole, zucchini stuffed with cheese and almonds, and Texas sheet cake. I suspect there's more, and keep in mind that was just the new recipes. On the bill for tonight is soy mac and cheese (I haven't made this in years, and it's rainy today, and I'm excited) and perhaps a silken tofu lemon pie. I'm also planning on a white bean broccoli dip sometime soon and Jesse's fried green bean recipe from a few weeks ago. And tomorrow is farmer's market day, so tonight I get to plan out a rough menu for the week. It's an awfully good thing that I have this crazy metabolism, but I suppose I should work out or I'll die an early cooking-induced death.

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cassalyn said...

delighted and inspired by your prolific posting and cooking! what a delicious resolution!