Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm back! It's not exactly a triumphal homecoming, but I don't really care. I played as well as I was prepared to play, which is saying a lot, and maybe I'm not entirely ready to move to Denver this instant anyway. I saw my family, got some excellent books from my grandmother (including Bastard Out of Carolina, Into the Wild (perhaps not excellent, but I have to give it a shot) and The Blind Assassin, probably my favorite-ever Margaret Atwood book), and ate some really damn good food at a Boulder teahouse. I had major person epiphanies in my hotel room. I got invited to a swanky Chicago bar by a man who works for a major fashion label on the plane while wearing unmatching and smelly clothing from Target and thrift stores. It was a strange trip, and I'm happy to be home and on the verge of going to sleep.

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Rosiecat said...

"Major person epiphanies"? That sounds VERY interesting...I think there's a good story hidden in that statement!

I'm looking forward to dinner with you on Sunday!