Saturday, November 25, 2006

androgynous theosophy

I love how, even when I've read something many times, I'll still find passages that I like that i never noticed before. This one is probably only really appealing because I like the phrase I used for my title (and the one that follows that), but here it is anyway:
"This was the forty-fifth trip down the Grand for Smith, and so far as he could measure, its pleasure was not staled by repetition. But then no two river trips were ever quite alike. The river, the canyon, the desert world was always changing, from moment to moment, from miracle to miracle, within the firm reality of mother earth. River, rock, sun, blood, hunger, wings, joy--this is the real, Smith would have said, if he'd wanted to. If he felt like it. All the rest is androgynous theosophy. All the rest is transcendental transvestite transactional scientology or whatever the fad of the day, the vogue of the week. As Doc would have said, if Smith had asked him. Ask the hawk. Ask the hungry lion lunging at the starving doe. They know."
-Edward Abbey, "The Monkey Wrench Gang"

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