Tuesday, July 11, 2006

khaki-clad and at your service

It's 7:51 at night, and I'm totally wiped out. I can't believe the sun is still up.
I got a job today. In fact,I kind of got two jobs. It's a record! Anyway, this morning I went to a kind of lame interview for this photography company that takes pictures of tourists at a few places around the city, and a few hours later I got a call saying that I was "invited to work for them." I have to pay for 2/3 of my own uniform: a khaki button-down shirt, black shorts or pants (do I have to buy new ones of those?), and black shoes. My workplace options are Navy Pier, outside the John Hancock Building taking bluescreen photos of what it would look like if you were standing at the top of the building instead of the bottom, and the Museum of Science and Industry. I'm heavily wanting the museum job, even though it's the furthest away; it would involve dressing people up in funny period clothes and making them ride a fake Model T. Definitely better than whiny people at a ferris wheel, in my opinon.
My second somewhat-job is teaching this student of my teacher's for the summer. We're planning on meeting twice a week. She seems very nice, but today we spent most of the hour talking about how stressed out she is about the future and how she has no one to talk to. She's already super worried about college, and she's only going to be a junior this year! I felt bad, but I tried to tell her things that might be reassuring. It felt more like therapy than a lesson.
Anyway, so I'm employed, at least for the time being. That photography job, though... if it totally sucks, I'm out of there, even if I still have to pay for the damn uniform.

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erica said...

congats! and even if it sucks, it sounds like you could get some good workplace horror stories from the photography thing!