Saturday, July 15, 2006


I have to go to my first day of actual work today. I am unmistakeably nervous. I went to orientation yesterday, which was mostly just really boring, and went to get my uniform. I was under the impression that we would buy shirts and provide our own shoes, black pants, etc., but no. It's all regulated. I'm surprised I don't have to wear special underwear or socks. The pants fit terribly; one pair fit better overall but was too tight around the waist to tuck a shirt into, so instead I ended up with pants where the crotch hangs down to about mid-theigh. And the shirt is huge on me! It's a small, and they didn't have extra-small, but it's huge. The best part of all this? It's ridiculously expensive. They pay for 1/3 of the uniform, but the whole shebang supposedly costs somewhere between $150 and $200 dollars. What?!?!?! Probably because I had to buy a leather belt and shiny leather shoes. Anyway, my question is what happens if I hate it and quit right away? Will they send me a bill for this ugly, ridiculous uniform?
Anyway... rant rant rant. I'm working at the museum today at least, and only for five hours. And if I quit today, I have enough money to pay for the damn uniform anyway.


PocaCosa said...

Wow, that sucks.

Raquel Laneri said...

Ditto. I thought Barnes & Noble was bad: and we basically just weren't allowed to wear jeans or sneakers or sandels. I don't think I could ever work somewhere with an actual uniform. I would cry every morning just looking at my ill-fitting trousers in the mirror.