Saturday, July 22, 2006

drama drama drama

I feel very traumatized by my dreams this morning. As I told Anna (via email, since she's still hopefully sleeping peacefully-- it's not quite 8 in the morning), my dream was not outwardly very bad. It involved, truth be told, elf lords and sacrificial death. Also short little people on horses. I think maybe it was Lord of the Rings inspired, or at least influenced by that entire genre of stuff. But regardless of the cheese quotient, I woke up very upset. I'm still feeling a little disoriented from the whole experience.
I have to go to work again today, but only for four hours. That I think I can deal with.
We are moving out of our apartment in about a week. It seems ridiculously crazy to me that we've been here a year already, but we have (almost, anyway) and I guess it's time to move on to apartments with sunlight and adequate heating. Lately also, we've been overrun by giant spiders and all sorts of other creepy crawlies. But anyway, I'll still miss this little basement apartment with all it's idiosyncracies and drawbacks.
That's enough from me.


PocaCosa said...

That one creepy crawly I met there was... weird. Other than that, I love that apartment, too! But sorry to hear about the dreams....

anna pulley said...

i'll kick that elfen king's ass! just, try me.