Saturday, June 24, 2006

"I like to be surrounded by...women."

This is Pride weekend for Chicago. We missed this last year because we had already started on our road trip, so this is actually the first Pride either of us has been to. Today is the Dyke March, and tomorrow is the actual Pride Parade. I'm excited, but also unsure of what exactly to expect. I mean, I know Prides everywhere have generally become a giant corporate whore-off (a few years ago SF pride was sponsored by Budweiser and they even used their corporate slogan for the festival motto), which I don't particularly appreciate. But I'm still excited to see all the parts of this community showing off for once, and just to be surrounded by so many people with at least one interest in common. Isn't that always a bit exciting?
Anyway, I'm also going out in just a few minutes to my very first solo apartment interview. It's right on a main street in Girlstown, which would probably be handy and fun. I hope I am chatty and nice and not chatty and neurotic. It can be a fine line when I'm nervous.
Finally, my favorite thing read on an internet profile recently (I'm sorry if I go on about these, but they crack me up): "I'm flawed, but I'm intelligent, so it's alright." Go you, I guess.

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