Friday, May 05, 2006

stella marie, you're my star

I went on my first bike of the year this morning. The statistics: left at 7:05, returned at 8:40; temperature maybe around 50?; rode from the 6400 block to approximately the 1800 block, or about 2/3 of the way to downtown; estimated mileage 10 miles. I rode down the lakefront trail, which is this lovely paved off-the-road trail that runs from about a mile from my house to the southside, about 16 (?) miles long total. One of my major realizations this morning was that this trail, which runs between the lake and Lake Shore Drive (LSD, hahaha. You always see Craigslist missed connections about "seeing the hottie in the red car on LSD this morning" and I am always confused for a second.), is that at 7:30 LSD is absolutely filled with honking smelly cars and you're generally a lot closer to that than to the lake. Still pretty nice, though. The sun was behind clouds as I headed south, and the lake was this pale blue with yellowy clouds above it, and then the sun emerged shortly after I turned around and shone on my back the whole way home, which felt really nice. I saw a bunch of geese picking grass out of a golf course lawn, a man fishing, and a totem pole carved by a man from British Columbia. The only downside is that my ass hurts like you wouldn't believe, and I'll probably be wicked sore later today. But hooray for bikes!

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Tania said...

Hooray for bikes!