Friday, May 19, 2006

no one thinks it's weird that we have to buy clean water, and that's how I know we're going to hell

Nothing really major has happened lately, so I'll take my cue from Erica and write some little things.
There seems to be a lot of wildlife around for this being a city, mostly birds and squirrels but still. I saw a pair of cardinals on my way across campus the other day, and I got all excited because I've never seen a female cardinal before and because my great-grandmother loved cardinals and seeing them always makes me think of her, and then when I turned around with this big goofy grin on my face there was this girl I barely know there. I tried to explain why I was so happy so early in the morning but I don't think I communicated it very well. Also this week I saw a bunch of geese swimming around in Lake Michigan, and they would periodically flip upside-down to get plants from underwater and then topple over backwards and right themselves again. I don't know if that's typical goose behavior, but it looks really funny, like they're just overbalancing again and again. It distracted me from practicing for five full minutes, and then on and off until they left. My last bird encounter has been with this white duck that's been kind of hanging around the music school. I've seen it several times, I think it's the same one. Yesterday when I walked out of a rehearsal, it was peeking through the window next to the door that leads outside. It looks like the duck from those car insurance commercials, "afflack" or whatever. Anyway, it was pretty weird, like it was just waiting for us all to come out.
Today I have no school, so I have a laundry list of things to do (which incidentally includes laundry :-) I'm going to try very hard right now to once-and-for-all finish the cookbook zine that's been sitting, almost completed, on my dinig room table for about 6 months. So... If you want a copy, let me know and preferably send me an address, because I'm a flake and lose them all every time.
The weather here has been annoying, literally going from sun to cloudburst to sun in a matter of minutes. It makes it hard to plan. The temperature can change dramatically from when I leave to when I come back, and you never know what it will be like. The weatehr reports are useless.
Okay, I'm going to shower and the zine the early hours of the day away.


erica said...

youi post very early in the morning. that's impressive.

ammie said...

yeah, well, I'm up and not capable of anything much more mentally intensive :-)