Wednesday, March 22, 2006

teatime's over

I think one of my least favorite things about being sick (aside from feeling shitty and not getting anything much worthwhile done, I suppose) is that I generally stop drinking coffee and stick to tea for a few days. Not that I dislike tea, but there's just something about a cup of coffee in the morning, you know? Right now I'm being rebellious and drinking my first coffee in two days even though I still have a scratchy throat, and it's great. I spent essentially all day yesterday in bed after suffering a cold relapse during my civic rehearsal on Monday, but today i'm feeling better, hence the coffee.
Other than that, not much is up. Jesse will be here in a few days, which is exciting, and we will eat lots of good food and hopefully do some other fun stuff. Then a week after that, I leave for my Buffalo audition. Whoo! I wish I was going somewhere warmer.

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