Thursday, March 16, 2006

the good, the bad, the terrifying, and the weird

Most of these links are straight from my lovely girlfriend Anna. This is all continuing in the vein of "interesting things Ammie has seen or done recently," which seems to have been a noticible trend lately. I guess it's just been a good time for seeing cool stuff.
1) The group slam poem from Anna's high schoolers is here, you can listen to it. It's not as cool as when we saw it in person just because the energy is different, but it still rocks. They won a "spirit award" and got to perform this piece at the finals even though their team didn't get to compete there.
2) An illustrated video for the perceived (as opposed to actual) lyrics of a Fall Out Boy song. While a bit heavy on the body-part-and-feces humor, this still cracked us both up. I'm not entirely sure why.
3) A very scary documentary about how the US government might have staged 9-11 for their own benefit. We watched it last night in fascinated horror, and then both had dreams about scary things all night long. I don't know if I believe everything in here, but I definitely wouldn't say I disbelieve it either. There are a lot more things that don't make sense than I had realized, perhaps because I shut myself off from the media after 9-11 because I would start crying every time I thought too hard about it. I imagine I'm not the only one who avoided really studying thisjust because of an emotional reaction. Anyway, it's about and hour and 20 minutes long, and I would recommend watching it if you have the time.
4) This one's not a link! We went and saw Jenny Lewis, the lead singer of Rilo Kiley, perform things off of her new solo album on Tuesday. We got there late in an effort to miss the opening bands, and arrived at the coat check just in time for all the people who worked there to yell at us "Don't move!" while they escorted Ms. Lewis and her band right past our bemused eyes in the lobby. So we checked the coats and went inside, and just as we found a place to stand they all came on stage and started playing. The set lasted maybe 45 minutes, and then it was over. We all agreed it was our most succinct concert experience ever. Anyway, the music is good but totally different from Rilo Kiley; it's very kind of old folksy country sounding, and the lyrics are a bit less, umm, interesting? At least to me, but I still like the sound. She was backed up by a band and these twin sisters, the Watson twins, who were dressed exactly alike and did exactly the same things for just about the whole show. It was kind of creepy and Shining-esque to have these two identical women simultaneously hitting tambourines and singing backup. We talked a lot after the show was over about them. Did they agree to dress identically? Did they resent it? Is that a way of life for them? Etc...

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