Monday, March 13, 2006

inertia at work

As always, the transition from "school" to "vacation" mode has kicked my ass and made me into a sad apathetic person. Anna's been pretty sick all weekend with a bad sore throat, so I've been hanging out here and making tea and cooking and sleeping 'til noon and not a whole lot else. Except, ooh, going to the Sex Workers' Art Show. We were sorely disappointed that Michelle Tea was not there, but it was still an awesome show, full of hardcore dancing (one woman did a striptease while swinging on a giant hoop suspended from the ceiling of the art gallery), reading (about lackluster prostitution gigs and past lives as anti-porn feminists), performance art, and a webcam presentation. There was also quite a bit more nudity than I for one was expecting, which was kind of refreshing. One woman (this is what I mean by performance art) ran around the packed gallery totally naked, retrieving manila envelopes with her clothing in them, then spirit-gummed chopped-off pieces of her own pubic hair to her face to form a little mustache and goatee. I have no idea really whan that meant, but it was impressive to see nontheless.
I also have been reading Inga Muscio's new book, "Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil," an examination of racism and how people constantly partake in and perpetuate it. It was a good read, but one that was somewhat emotionally devastating at the same time. I spent all day on Thursday basically sitting on my couch immersed in the horror of police brutality and public complacence after an intense reading session. Combined with the fact that I just finished Malcolm X before this, I'm at least feeling better informed if not as proactive in antiracism as I should be.

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