Sunday, March 25, 2007

lament with dollar-store slide whistles

It is absolutely gorgeous here today. 75 degrees!
For anybody who reads this and might be interested, I'm going to be in Tucson in about two weeks auditioning for the Tucson Symphony. Mostly all I've been doing lately is practicing for that, since I'm doing my best to take it seriously :) That, and playing weird contemporary opera, of course. Good times. Anything where I get to play a slide whistle to represent the main (only?) character's death has got to be interesting on a number of levels. There's also an accordian involved. But anyway... April 8-12, with the audition being on the 10th. Wish me luck in advance!

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Raquel Laneri said...

Good luck!!!!!

Opera with slide whistle? Awesome!

I can't believe it's warmer in Chicago than it is here. :(