Thursday, March 15, 2007


This is one of those days where I feel like I should be doing about ten things, but I'm stalled out on the chair in my living room instead. All afternoon I've been having what feels like the Allergy Attack from Hell (what could I be allergic to? It's only been warmish for about 4 days, I can't imagine what could have started giving off pollen already), so I took some medicine and now all I can do is sit here and feel it work its way into my system. Generally, that will lead to lassitude and partial lack of rational thought. Sigh.
I saw "Shortbus" again last night, and it was still great. Other good new movies seen lately: "Stranger than Fiction", "Babel", and "The Prestige". I particularly liked "Stranger than Fiction." I don't usually finish a movie and think "Wow, that was awesome!" but I definitely did with that one.
Sorry for this mildly random medication-induced post.
My favorite line this week from Murakami: "High above us the wind rustles symbolically." I read it, read it again, and then laughed.


Feet Animal said...

It seems that I am also having problems with allergies...I don't get it.

On another note: Katie flipped out when she saw that you liked "Stranger Than Fiction"...she's pretty obsessed with that movie.

PocaCosa said...

Hey, I've recently seen all those movies too, except I still haven't seen Shortbus. But I just saw The Prestige last weekend, and Babel just before the Oscars. Good stuff. Hope the allergic reactions subside!

Louise said...

I finally saw "Shortbus" a few nights ago, thanks to Netflix. Omigod, that movie is so incredible. I'm such a dorkus, because I had to go watch the featurettes and commentary, too.

This was all before my portable DVD player died on me. *sad face*