Sunday, April 01, 2007

Yo-Yo vs. Jesus

I got issued my slide whistle last night. It's purple :)
I also had a really ridiculous lesson to prepare for my audition. We didn't start until about 10:30 or 10:40 at night, and we ended at 1 in the morning. Near the end, my fingers were so tired and sore that I was all fumbly. Of course, that's when we got to "Don Juan" and the Bartok concerto. (For the non-musicians: really hard pieces.) And then I had a quartet rehearsal at 9:30 this morning. Ugh.
When I check one of my yahoo email accounts, my opening page has a bunch of links to yahoo enertainment news. Usually it's "Britney blah blah blah", "Paris Hilton blah blah blah", but recently there has been an influx of links to articles about classical music. Last week there was a flat-out concert review, and this week there was an interview with David Finckle (the cellist from the Emerson String Quartet, a nice man who my friend Gary nearly killed driving around in a van in Tucson a few years ago) about Rostropovitch, a famous old cellist. Which is cool, but it seems like these might have less-than-average appeal to the typical yahoo user? Do lots of people know who Rostropovitch is? (As a musician, I never know what a non-musician might know about classical music. For instance, apparently everybody in the world knows who Yo-Yo Ma is. I've found that if I ask a non-musician if they've heard of him, they will look at me in disgust as if I've just asked them if they've heard of Jesus or something. But Rostropovitch? I dunno.) Anyway, that's probably not all that interesting to anybody but me, so I'm done now.
I guess I should go see if anything I played last night stuck around in my head. In a week I'll be in Tucson.

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