Saturday, December 13, 2008

all these years

So today is my five-year anniversary; I started this blog on Dec. 13th, 2003. Which is crazy. I never would have predicted most of the events of the last five years, nor that I would still be writing about them for friends and a few complete strangers to read on the internet. Sometimes I'm a little embarrassed by how happy this blog makes me, partially because this is essentially the most narcissistic thing I do: in the "real" world I don't talk about myself anywhere near this much. But I love the outlet, the clarification that comes through writing and particularly writing for other people. I work through big stuff in my journal, but here I have a forum for recipes, books, vampires,and the small joys and terrors of everyday life. Thanks for reading :)


cassalyn said...


Lauren said...

happy bloggaversary! i love reading your blog. :)

Rosiecat said...

Happy Still Life Anniversary, Ammie! I love your blog too :-) And hurray for narcissism, which is truly an essential ingredient if one is to write openly and honestly about her life. It's more useful to gossip about yourself anyway.