Wednesday, July 23, 2008

into the semi-wild (hopefully)

So tomorrow I'm going to do something I've never done before: I'm going to visit one of Cook County's forest preserves. I've been seeing the signs advertising them (their slogan is "so close to you!") on the CTA for years, and I'm finally getting my act together and seeing if the purported hiking (indicated by the little hiking man icon on the very hard-to-read map on their website) is anything of the sort. I'd be a lot less skeptical if many of the forest preserves didn't appear to be golf courses, but the one I'm going to contains the Chicago Botanical Gardens and also has unpaved trails so I'm hoping for the best. Even if it's just someplace away from a major road, I'll be happy. It would be nice to know that that's available to me in any form, even if it is sedate walking. I actually feel quite adventurous about this; I've written out my excessively-complicated-seeming bike directions, I've looked at the trail maps, and I'm excited to get on my way in the morning.
In other news, I'm having someone over tomorrow night for chilled spinach-yogurt soup and Armenian stuffed cabbage. If it goes well, I'll post the recipes. Thank god for my moosewood cookbook...

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