Friday, January 18, 2008


I watched the documentary "The Yes Men" last night while I attempted to make a far too labor-intensive vegan macaroni and cheese. I've always like the concept of the Yes Men (they basically impersonate corporations or identities that they feel present themselves wrongly--like the WTO or FEMA--and represent them in a more accurate way), and it was pretty fun to see them in action. The film followed them around the world as they gave presentations as the WTO in Australia, Switzerland (I think) and a college in New York. The college students were the only ones who questioned the completely out-of-control speeches that they gave; the corporate people looked slightly confused but tended to go along with things like a "leisure suit" that included a phallic pop-up tv screen to show a businessman what his "remote workforce" (ie., sweatshop workers, in no subtle terms compared to slaves) was up to. Anyway, for all the humor, there was a also a lot of good political discussion and self-reflection to balance things out a bit. (At one point, one guy remarked to the other that "it was more fun being satirical than serious, right?") I enjoyed it.
I'm going to try and get internet soon, because I've realized I feel more isolated without it. And I miss my blog. But isn't that sad that I need to internet for my human interaction?

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