Thursday, January 31, 2008

crossing boundaries

So by far the coolest thing I did recently was to go see my friend Connie's Tool cover band, Sinfist. Connie and I play contemporary classical music together (she's a great flautist), and it amused the shit out of me that this was her side project of sorts. I've never been the hugest Tool fan, but the band was quite energetic; it was kind of entrancing. They had somebody make a bunch of videos that were very close to actual Tool videos in terms of style (ie., claymation-esque and utterly without plot, at least for me, but creepy and cool to look at), which they played on a screen behind the band. There was a bellydnacer for several songs, and an aerial performer who did an incredible routine above the stage using silks. Near the end, she wrapped herself securely in and upside-down pose and Connie climbed up and sat on her while she finished the song.
Afterwards, there was too much beer and rum from my flask, and fun discussions about whether Mulholland Drive is amazing or terrible. I think we're having a David Lynch dinner party soon.
I've also read some really great books lately, but that will have to wait for another day.

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Louise Tripp said...

I love David Lynch. He's a weirdo, and even he admits he doesn't know what some of his movies mean. Heh.