Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"I'm not asking to go dancing"

I forgot completely that I finally saw the Dresden Dolls live! I gained a lot of appreciation for this goth-cabaret-whatever duo when I realized they write fantastic angry breakup music, and Tabitha is full-on obsessed with them, so it was time to shell out and go see a live show.

There were two opening acts, but due to a haircut emergency we missed the first and only saw part of the second, Two Ton Boa, but they were really awesome and I wish I'd seen more of the set. Then a local dance troupe did a nifty lesbian dance version of "Romeo and Juliet" and Amanda (the pianist and vocalist) introduced this 17-year-old who played a song that was apparently about watching a Dresden Dolls concert (I was in the bathroom, my bad).

The Dresden Dolls have some awesome energy, for sure. You can totally see them interacting while they play, and they're both extremely theatrical. They played a lot of new songs, but there were a smattering of older ones, like "Girl Anachronism", "Mrs. O", "Miss Me", "Coin-Operated boy", and "Half Jack". The encores included a cover of "Fight for your Right" where many audience members jumped onstage. Amanda also, at one point, quit the stage and went into a balcony and continued singing. It was nice to see people interacting with audiences, with each other, and obviously having a great time playing for us.

And here's a link to a funny music video :) Sorry I don't know how to just make it be on the screen. When did I become so mechanically inept?


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