Saturday, August 25, 2007


So, we apparently had a freakin' tornado here the other day. I was at work and noticed that the sky had gotten really, really dark, and then the wind picked up so fast that my ears popped. I ran to shut the door and all hell broke loose for about five minutes. I was definitely ready to duck behind my counter in case any of the windows blew in.
Power is still out in some places, and my neighborhood is still littered with downed trees (such as the one here, which is about a block from my house). Nobody I know got hurt, and our house didn't sustain any damage or lose electricity or anything, although Tabitha's restaurant lost power (I think it's back on now) and they had to throw out a ton of food and clean everything up in the dark for the last two days. That night, the streets were filled with all the people who live here, out to survey the damage and help move tree limbs out of people's yards and all that good stuff. It was actually very nice and communal.
In other news, still hating my job. So, so done.

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PocaCosa said...

Whoa. That's frightening1