Tuesday, August 14, 2007

good stuff

It's been a good couple of days, I have to say. After a very stressful and unnecessary wedding mishap on Saturday, I decided that I really didn't need a second job that badly for next year and gave my two weeks notice at the flower shop. I told my boss that it stressed me out, that I was going to be busy, etc., but the biggest single issue was that I'm tired of fucking up for reasons that are beyond my control and not really particularly my fault. Plus flowers as a career in general is such a wasteful process and depends far too much on south american flower plantations for me to feel entirely comfortable with it. So it's all good.
The other excellent thing is that Tabitha and I found a place to live! We have to move at the end of September, so we had just started looking at Craigslist, and lo and behold the very first place we looked at seemed perfect. So yesterday I faxed the applications in from work and probably just less than an hour later we got calls telling us we'd been accepted. So for anyone familiar with Chicago, we're going to be in Ravenswood, right around Damen and Lawrence and the Damen brown line stop. Wooo!
Now I have to go eat before my stomach caves in.


Jesse said...

Hooray for moving, and for leaving crappy jobs! (Although I did love reading about the crazy things customers said to you.)

I have no idea where Ravenswood is, but I love the name.

Louise said...

Ravenswood is pretty awesome. ;) And I love that particular area, too -- off the Damen brown line, that is. My dentist is right off the Western brown line stop (one stop away, at Lincoln Square) and that whole area is just awesome. You'll be really near the Book Cellar -- wine and books, yay! ;) I'm really really excited for you guys!

Lauren said...

Hey! Jesse and I are going to be in Chicago on August 31st! We should get together!