Friday, August 31, 2007

goodbye pollen!

It's 9:30 on my very last day of work in the flower shop. I've already had my little moment of drama due to a mis-communication (or rather, missing communication) between stores, and I'm desperately hoping that I won't have to field many irate calls from a certain 1-800 online flower company today. I stayed out waaaaaay too late last night at a leather bar, drinking free vodka tonics because Tabitha works with the bar manager's boyfriend, and then suffering through an extremely long and unneeded train/bus ride home. So I'm tired, thankfully not hungover, and just hoping I get out soon enough to spend a little more quality time with Jesse and Lauren before they head out of town tonight.
So what have I learned from this experience? I've re-discovered my ability to sit and stare out of windows for long periods of time while doing nothing but letting my brain run and perhaps drinking a cup of tea. And when I first started and was freaking out all the time, I discovered the joy of deep steady breathing even more so than when I used to have the time and money to take yoga. I've learned a bit about flower arranging (I can do a dozen long-stemmed roses in a vase, and I make a mean cube arrangement). I know names for many flowers that I already recognized but didn't know what to call. I have a vastly greater appreciation for certain color combinations that I used to really dislike, which I would actually say is one of the best things. I never knew how much I could like pink/white/yellow, for example, or red/pink/white. I like that I can see things as beautiful that I used to think were supertacky or just unacceptable color combinations (red and pink?!). I've learned that it is essentially impossible to make enough to do more than barely survive when I work part-time, even if I make well above minimum wage. So I guess all that is something, anyway. Civic starts tomorrow, and Sunday or Monday I have to get my ass in gear and look for another part-time job so I can pay my rent and not get an ulcer. Whee!

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PocaCosa said...

that's a nice point about color combinations. working in sarah's mother's flower shop was always so stressful, but i agree, i'm much better at arranging flowers now. remembering names of flowers though, i still suck at, just because i suck at remembering anything, anymore. like, taking the time to read your blog. :-P sorry! but hey, i'm coming to chicago in january...