Saturday, July 14, 2007

rearing of ugly heads and a concert

Well, I had hoped to be asleep by now, but the aforementioned drama had to rear its ugly head again and wake me up, so here I am. Yay. The last few days have sucked anyway because Tabitha collapsed at work on Thursday night, and then I spent several angsty hours on Friday morning trying to figure out a cheap but not scary doctor she could go to. Turns out she had a throat infection and didn't realize it so now she has pneumonia, but hopefully she'll be better in a few days, thank god. The fun just never ends around here.
But anyway, Rasputina! That, at least, was good times. I went with my friend Anna (not my ex, but a cellist from Civic) and we had a blast right from the start scoping out all the costumes on the hipster/goth/corset kids. The opening act was... Somebody who's name I can't remember right now. Jena something? She was playing guitar and singing, and I couldn't understand a word she said. But I have to say I liked the way it sounded, even if it was all relatively similar-seeming and hard to hear. In my experience it takes a really badass opening act to make any impression at all, and this just didn't seem to be cutting it for most of the people there.
There was only a short pause between her and Rasputina, which was nice. We found a small table with no chairs in a corner near the stage and sat on it for the rest of the night. The hall was incredibly hot and smokey, and I was thankful I was wearing a dress. Melora Creagar entered wearing a white corset and skirt and movie-indian-style feathers in the back of a band around her head. I couldn't honestly see drummer Jonathon TeBeest, but there was a new second cellist names Sarah Bowman who did an excellent job. Here is, as closely as I can tell, the set list.

Hunter's Kiss
Transylvanian Concubine
Thimble Island
Saline, the Salt Lake Queen
Things I'm Gonna Do
Watch TV
Wish You Were Here
*? (all I have written down is the phrase "you are the king" which is not a title of any of their new songs)
*Draconian Crackdown
small segue featuring Melora singing the "I like big butts"song
*1816, the Year Without a Summer
*Cage in a Cave
*The Infidel is Me
Rusty the Skatemaker (Melora alone)

I loved all of the old songs and covers, but the new songs... I actually don't at all like watching music I don't know in a live setting. I can't understand the words, it usually all sounds similar, and so on. So I'm sure the new album is loads of fun, but I wish they had interspersed the old and new songs a bit more evenly. They also did a bunch of segues with the new stuff, so I'm not even sure how many new songs there were. But Melora's ridiculous comments between songs were fun (and not as scripted-sounding as the last time I saw them, perhaps because it's only about the second show on this tour), the new cellist sounded excellent, and really, who can complain about rock cello played by cute goth corset girls? Certainly not me.


Louise said...

Man, poor Tab. She just ends up with all the worst luck. Hope she's feeling better.

ammie said...

I know, huh? This week in general has just been full of unpleasant crap, but that was definitely the icing on the cake. She's doing better, but not back to normal yet. Sigh...