Monday, July 23, 2007

everything rises

Incidentally, we went back to the doctor and it turns out that Tabitha has pneumonia and bronchitis. We got some different medicine and she's finally starting to improve. I got my first paycheck so I'm not broke anymore, and I haven't felt unwell since my little passing-out incident. I also met Tabitha's dad (the first family member meeting for either of us), and it seemed to go okay :) Not like I thought he'd hate me or anything, but I have a tendancy to be quiet with new people so they don't have very good first impressions. So that's my update.
I'm watching Legend right now, the Tom Cruise movie from 1985 that I somehow missed in my childhood. It's totally worth it just to see him running around in his "armour," which looks like a gold sequined shirt with ruffley sleeves.

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Anonymous said...

I've never seen Legend either. And I still haven't seen Goonies.

I think I see all the weird movies and then forget to get around to the ones that most supposedly "normal" folks see. Or something like that.