Thursday, April 13, 2006

resolve and resistance

I didn't make any new years resolutions, but spring feels more like the new year to me than January does so I'm going to make some happy warm spring resolutions instead.
-eat more fruits and veggies and less oily foods
-get a nicer bike so I can ride for more than two or three miles before getting tired
-ride more than two or three miles on a semi-regular basis (I'll do this more often once it's summer, probably)
-start doing yoga again, even if it's only on my own
-get more comfortable with myself dancing
-donate and replace some of my old clothes that i've had for 10+ years with "new" thrift store acquisitions
-start actually doing work for the underground library
-talk more with my sister
-do something fun with my hair (dye? shaved? mohawk? all of the above?)
-buy and not kill some houseplants
-practice not for any specific goal but only for my own benefit, and actually try to be responsible about it
(Oooh, two more added in later: drink more water and (this is hypocritical because a lot of my goals seem to involve acquisition) buy less extraneous stuff that I absolutely don't need.)
Okay, that's all I can think of. I am so manic these last few days because spring has really hit now. It's warm and sunny and it smells like flowers and dirt outside, and I absolutely adore it. As much as I like fall as a season, it can't compare with the extreme emotional rush of the return of warmth and life to the outside world. I feel like I'm on drugs half of the time.


PocaCosa said...

Yay, Spring Resolutions! I like it. Go you!!! I wish I could go thrift store shopping with you, that sounds terrific. :)

anna pulley said...

it really doesn't make sense to make resolutions in the dead of winter, does it? Save nothing for symbolism! I wish you the best of luck.