Friday, August 21, 2009

meeting god

Ooh, that last post was number 666. Nice.
Anyway, I'll write more extensively later today (jetlag, an active social life, and a bicycle accident have put me significantly behind on recording my adventures), but first you should all follow this link and check out the extremely hyperbolic post about the man who drove E and I into the park for our main hike. Seriously, it's worth reading. (My favorite line? "Dick Merrill calls the bears with his bus.") That was quite the experience.
As a teaser, here's my own behind-the-head shot of Mr. Merrill. (You can also see a wolf through the windshield, I think.)
More soon!


Lauren said...

i don't see the wolf. it is like one of those magic eye pictures.

erica said...

oh lordy...

ammie said...

The wolf is the tiny dot above the book to the left of the steering wheel. There will be a better picture later :)
And Erica... Yes indeed.