Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hot summer nights

So I'm deeply in voice-love with Amanda Palmer, to the point that I follow her on twitter despite (because of?) the fact that she updates a million times a day. Seriously, I check and there will be like fifteen updates from her, pictures and links and funny things she's doing that day. (Ninja party in the park? Check. Drawing all over herself and making a fan video for Regina Spektor? Also check.) The amusement outweighs the possible annoyance enough that I haven't done anything about it, plus it makes me feel better about my own twitter-ness.

A few weeks ago, on a Friday night, she and her gazillion very enthusiastic fans came up with something that they christened LOFNOTC: Losers of Friday Night at Home On Their Computers. Their motto is "Don't stand up for what's right, stay in for what's wrong." They have t-shirts with this hand-drawn picture (the back says, I believe, "That's Amanda Fucking Palmer to you"), and every Friday night my twitter gets spammed out of the water.

Last week there were a million picture updates, through which Ms. Palmer transformed herself from a hot lady in a bathrobe to an extremely made-up person in a hat. (Check out the eyebrows.) Sometimes the internet makes me laugh.

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Lauren said...

hahahah that is awesome!!