Wednesday, June 03, 2009

groggy time-killing nothingness

I will not lie: I am exhausted right now. I slept maybe four hours last night, after yet another damn personal epiphany moment hyped me up and prompted me to call Erica at 1:15 here and talk for forty-five minutes. Then I took some melatonin and an allergy pill, woke up groggy, went to work and took another allergy pill despite the fact that they supposedly last 24 hours (I was sneezing! Uncontrollably!) and shortly afterwards realized that my fuzziness was due not to the melatonin but to the single dose of allergy medicine. I spent the day in a haze. And now I'm sitting still so I'm tired, too tired to read or write intelligently, but not ready for bed yet.
And so, after all of that: 20 honest things about me, courtesy of my friend Kate. It's felt a little intense on here lately, so I'll try to keep it light.

1) I spent two summers in Poland but I can't speak Polish except for swear words, beer names, and pizza ingredients. Oh, and how to say "I'm sorry" after I use the swear words.
2) One of my favorite foods used to be toast. I ate it for snacks, not just breakfast.
3) I have an entire cabinet shelf dedicated to spices, and another to oils and vinegars. Also tea.
4) I also recently geeked out over buying a tart pan, and I own pie weights. I didn't even know what pie weights were until a few months ago.
5) I bought my second cat based partially on the fact that she looks like she could be related to my first cat. I mean, she was also a sweetie, but the fur color was a selling point.
6) My parents almost named me Nell after my great-grandmother, but opted out because my father claimed it was a "lesbian name." I showed them!
7) I used to have three differently colored pencils in my viola case, and I would choose which pencil I used at a rehearsal based on how I was feeling. Purple was sad, blue was neutral, and neon pink was happy.
8) I frequently bake cookies and then give all of them away. I usually only eat a tester and maybe one more, unless they are not claimed by others and I'm forced to eat them or throw them away.
9) I love films that are so bad that they transcend and become art. Examples: Wet Hot American Summer and Wild Things.
10) Sometimes at work, I pull leaves off of flowers while I'm making arrangements and stick them in my pockets instead of leaving them on a table or the floor. Sometimes at the end of the day I'll find handfuls of wadded-up leaves in my pockets.
11) I have no real objection to actions that create good stories, as long as I don't get hurt. I also have no problem telling said embarrassing stories about myself.
12) Example of 11: I once flushed my own underwear down a toilet at a girlfriend's house while incredibly drunk. They ended up being fished out of a clogged drain by her landlord six months later.
13) I really hate updating programs on my computer. I'm happy with how things work now, thanks.
14) I never take pictures of myself. Because of this, almost all of the pictures of myself that I own were taken while hiking, so I'm dirty and usually dressed funnily. I'd kind of like to fix that but I'm not sure how.
15) I somewhat compulsively re-read books sometimes. I also used to (I'm talking elementary school here) have a mental list of books that I read once a year, every year. The only one I remember now is "Swiss Family Robinson", which seems fairly inexplicable now.
16) I always want people to look at my bookshelves when they visit my apartment.
17) I almost never ever watch television now, but maybe seven or eight years ago I had a weird fascination with Everybody Loves Raymond when I was living at home one summer. Gah.
18) Every summer I get tons of comments on how muscular my arms are, but really I just have hardly any body fat due to high metabolism. I feel slightly guilty for looking like I do any sort of exercise when I actually don't.
19) I also chose my second cat's name to match the name of the first cat. Don't Skip and Rita sound like a couple from the 40's or something?
20) I frequently write blogs and can't post them right away because I can't think of a good title. Which is SO IRRITATING.
Ugh, I'm done. Time for bed.


ammie said...

Actually, one of these isn't particularly true, which is not really in keeping with the "honesty" theme but wasn't intentional or malicious. I'd be interested to see people's guesses as to which one it is :)

Rosiecat said...

Is it #3? Or #8?

Lady, you crack me up. I love this post.

ammie said...

Nope! Guess again!

Feet Animal said...

"16) I always want people to look at my bookshelves when they visit my apartment."

This is my favorite thing to do when I go to other people's places! I always feel creepy hovering near their books though.