Sunday, May 24, 2009

my purpose in the grand scheme of things

I've been going through one of those phases lately where all anybody wants to talk about is sex. Which is totally fine by me... This time, there's an added aspect of this periodic happening: I've bought sex toys for four other people in the last two weeks. This is partially an offshoot of knowing the majority of the staff at a local feminist sex toy store; I can go hang out, buy a vibe, see someone (sometimes many someones) I know, and call it good.
But partially, since I seem to be spending all my time talking about sex anyway, I want everybody to be having good sex both by themselves (Betty Dodson-style) and with other people. So I've been buying bullet vibes (and more expensive ones, when reimbursement is forthcoming) and shipping them all over the place. It makes me happy.


Mugsie said...

That's kind of amazing. A good purpose, if you ask me!

ammie said...

I think so too! Hooray for orgasms!

erica said...

and we are ever so grateful for your willingness to ship expensive things long-distance! your check is in the mail! ;-)