Sunday, March 01, 2009


Incidentally, Connie (the pregnant friend) also told me this, which I think relates to the term "pro-choice" as it was being discussed a la octuplet: When Connie found out she was pregnant, she called Planned Parenthood to inquire about getting an ultrasound, as at that point she didn't have insurance. Planned Parenthood informed her that, unless she was also getting an abortion through them, she couldn't get an ultrasound. I have no idea if this is normal for PP (their website definitely gives me the impression that it's not), but wow.


Unborn Human Life said...

Abortions earn them 902.8 million dollars a year. That's their business.

pulley-whipped said...

my friend who used to work at planned parenthood says it's an issue of legality:

It's about prenatal care.
If a PP is not licensed to provide prenatal care, it can be a legally sticky situation. We generally only did them if there was a medical need. Like possible miscarriage.
Most PPs can't and don't provide prenatal care because there aren't OBGYNs on staff for the birth.

Anonymous said...

Hi, the PP former employee here! I just wanted to add it's really clinic specific. If there's a potential problem (like miscarriage or ectopic), most do an ultrasound, no problem. Clinics will also handle general things, like UTIs for pregnant women. But the expense of doing prenatal care kind of puts it out of reach, since you'd need many MDs around to follow the women all the way through delivery. Most services are provided by NPs are PP, and states often restrict what NPs can do.

Not to generalize, that's just what I noticed working there.

ammie said...

Ooh, thanks for clearing that up! That makes sense, actually, and I'm glad there was a reason for it, because we were both kind of like wtf? Thanks!

ShanaRose said...

Hey tell Connie to go check out Chicago Women's Health Center. I know the definitely provide prenatal care and they definitely provide services on a sliding scale.

Also, that's crazy, kids are internetting from the womb these days! (re: unborn human life)

Rosiecat said...

Whew, I'm glad to see there might be a reason behind what appears to be utter madness at Planned Parenthood.

And might I add this post is ironic for me because I just read (and deleted) a forward from a friend. The intention of the forward is to initiate a movement to convince President Obama to "change his heart" on abortion. Seriously? This is how you try to influence my opinion about abortion? With a forwarded e-mail? COME ON!