Monday, March 30, 2009

funny things i took pictures of

Some random pictures!

First, my giant bottle of gummi vitamins. Yes, I do in fact take children's gummy bear vitamins, because I hate the smell of the "real" ones. Right after I bought this giant one, they came out with an adult version. Sigh. But for some reason, the size of this one is terribly amusing to me.

Look how big it is next to that tiny normal-sized bottle!

My little girl rockstar gloves, $2 at the grocery store. These were to make myself feel better after losing my nice glove after breaking my viola. I wore the guitars on my palms and smiled everytime I flashed myself with them for a few weeks. Also, note the sushi blanket in the background.

A birdhouse hanging over the sidewalk on my walk to work. I need to take pictures of the many bizarre landmarks on that walk. (Like the 70's feminist-inspired park bench and the weird architectural landmark house. Awesome.)

And finally: The panty coat.

I bought this coat at a thrift store on a chilly day where I was (through bad chance and laziness) without a jacket. I spotted it from across the store--how could you not? it's neon--and when I went to examine it ($15, JC Penny's vintage ski was what the tag said) I found a pair of panties in the pocket. Ah ha! I thought. A funny jacket and a funny story! So I bought it. After I checked out, I put it on and immediately found a $20 bill in the interior pocket. I gleefully left the store, put my hands in the pockets and felt something in lining. Through a rip in the pocket I withdrew... Another pair of panties. I can see why you might have one, but two? In your coat pocket? Which you then, without checking, turned in to a thrift store? The world is mysterious. I've been told I look like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future, but for some reason that makes me incredibly happy.


erica said...

awesome little snippets of life. thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha! That's hilarious and bizarre. I'm not going to ask what you did with the panties.

ammie said...

Thanks :) I've actually wondering ever since I posted this about how the panties in the pocket were somehow a selling point. I literally saw myself telling the story to people. Hmm.

Alicia Dabney said...

A ha ha! I love that you have documented the panties jacket with a photo! That story is priceless. :_

Lauren said...

that's pretty amazing.