Wednesday, October 22, 2008

nature's call

a quick story:
There's a cute boy who comes into the shop all the time. We all call him the Skater Boy (due to the frequent presence of a skateboard; once he picked up his drycleaning and rode away, which I suppose isn't that weird but which I appreciated). And we all, even I, have at least small crushes. He's obsessed with plants and flowers, and our first conversation involved him telling me that he thought plants were just absolutely amazing in this cute breathless overwhelmed way. Anyway, so he comes in about once a week and usually picks out his own flowers, but for the last two weeks I've ended up offering aesthetic advice and suggesting flowers. Yesterday, while this was going on, he held up a piece of veronica (a flower shaped kind of like a tall, skinny, blunt cone made out of tiny flowers, pink in this case) and said, very seriously, "What do you think this flower would sound like if it had a voice?" I immediately started laughing, and he started making this high-pitched kind of "Mreeeeehhh!" type of sound. He made the sound several more times while I laughed a little hysterically and looked on somewhat incredulously. I finally managed to say I'd have to think about it. He smiled and said that he was a regular, so he felt comfortable acting like himself around us. Indeed.

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