Wednesday, June 04, 2008

mass havoc

When I got to work this morning, six ceiling tiles had become soaked with water due to a sink overflowing upstairs and fallen, covering two different computers with water and bits of tile and significantly impacting the way we functioned all day.
I bring this up not because it's incredibly important, but because it seems like it goes along with my life right now. Things are happening every which way that I have no way of preparing adequately for and that impact the way I'm functioning. I've written about some of them (Tabitha's illness (she's much better now, and thank you to everyone who asked me how she's faring), the end of Civic) and others I haven't for personal reasons or because I simply don't have the words for them yet. (Or because I haven't gotten around to it. Expect some news regarding the Dominican Republic soon.) I feel like, in some ways, the future has become a mystery. Where will I be in two weeks, a month, a year? What will I be doing? Who will I be? It's so impossible to say. But I sincerely hope that all of this current turmoil is leading to better things for me, and maybe even a higher degree of ultimate clarity about my life. I'm sorry to be so vague, but it's hard for me to articulate this feeling and the reasons behind it. But if I were a fortune teller, here's what I might say to me: "There is travel and much upheaval in your future. Maybe also mysterious strangers." But really, isn't that true most of the time?

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Louise Tripp said...

It's been so long since I've gotten around to reading your blog and it seems (of course) a great deal has happened. I hope all is well and continues to be so. Good luck with figuring out the future. ;)