Monday, October 15, 2007

quarter-tones and drunken plans

I'm playing a lot of contemporary music these days, which is usually fun. It results in rehearsal talk about things like whether it's better to whack my strings with a quarter or whether some other sort of coin would suffice, and sometimes a great deal of debate as to what the hell the composer might have meant by the markings he put in our parts. And then sometimes we all drink together afterwards and brainstorm things like Radiohead cover concerts with arrangements by local people. Good times. I've entered the world of microtonality, and it's a crazy trip.
It's weird what a difference a lack of frequent internet access makes. Things that took up sooooo much of my time (like myspace and looking at my statcounter statistics) seem irrelevant and a little pointless. I can't even remember why it seemed so important. But on the flip side, I hardly ever talk to anybody. What does that say about my communication skills?

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