Tuesday, May 29, 2007

would you like "bronze" or "copper" today?

I am once again in the position of a) looking for a "real" job, and b) being very unqualified to do almost anything other than work in an orchestra. One of the side effects of being in this state is that I am forced to imagine myself working in almost any business I walk past. I pass the funeral home and think "Hmmmm..." In the strip mall by my house, the following places are hiring: a cell phone store (maybe cingular? I forget), Toys 'backwards R' Us, and a sunless tanning place. Every day, I wonder how I would feel about myself if I worked, for instance, at the tanning place. It seems like selling out is part of surviving, especially for the minimally-skilled-but-not-in-high-school group of potential employees that I currently belong to. But how low am I willing to go? At what point do I draw the line?

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