Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So yes, I haven't been writing. Sorry for anybody who keeps checking. (Thank god for statcounter...) I've been trying to find this Kurt Vonnegut quote about orchestras from a McSweeney's interview that they re-posted when he died, but so far I've been unsuccessful so here's an update in the meantime. This week, I played my last quartet and Civic concerts for the year, painted my toenails orange, re-affirmed the fact that my ability to cook has apparently been severely crippled at some point, and rejoiced that some of my friends know what the hell they're doing with at least the next few months. I also had a dream about my friend who is getting married next week (I'm going back to Flagstaff for this) in which we had to sew a hundred pairs of socks before the wedding. That seems anal and stressed out to me. Whatever. I have rehearsal in 9 hours in Evanston (far away by public transit) and I'm not so tired. Ugh.

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