Saturday, January 13, 2007


It's amazing how tiring moving is, even when you're only relocating down the hall.
Also, the majority of my random hits here are for people looking up "lezzie", which I find kind of interesting. I'm not sure if I used an unusual spelling or something, but there's a new hit for it almost every time I check.


erica said...

why did you move down the hall?
and i get daily hits for luna boobs, who i finally googled on my own and she's apparently a famous pornstar (esp. in spain and poland) with enormous boobs.

ammie said...

i moved down the hall so that I could have a real door on my room (my previous room had essentially closet doors and was right next to the living room so I could hear the tv all the time). But it's tiny! I'm ditching some furniture to fit in and as it is there's no excess space at all.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad erica asked the question i was going to ask, so that i don't have to. :)