Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I frequently find that, for a short period of time, one composer completely takes over my musical landscape. Last year it was Mahler. Right now it's Shostakovitch; I'm performing the 8th string quartet with my fabulous wonderful string quartet on Wednesday (in a bar, prefaced by most of a mass from the 14th century by Guilliame Machaut)and Sunday it's the 15th symphony with Civic. I don't know that much about that piece, but the first movement contains a clip from the William Tell overture that repeats over and over, so I'm sure there's some sort of story there. I don't mean to sound like I'm belittling it, because it's a great and lovely piece, but you have to admit that's kind of odd. Anyway, I'm very happy to be sharing a significant piece of my brain with Shosty right now, so no harm done.


Anonymous said...

I miss music!

Anonymous said...

Ooh!!! I LOVE the 8th String Quartet. It's so... powerful. I'm jealous!

ammie said...

It was great! I felt like I was going to die at the end, I was so caught up in it.